Photobot Booth

Book an Event Photo Booth

Enhance Your Photobot Experience

Our enclosed event photo booth makes a great addition to the Photobot! The booth creates a designated space for the Photobot and all of your props, keeping everything organized and ensuring everyone enjoys the experience without distractions. The lights of the enclosure can be customized to match your decor or party theme — the perfect accent to any dance floor! The enclosed photo booth is ideal for indoor events and parties, and your designated operator will make sure everything runs smoothly with your booth and Photobot.

Pair a Photobot with Our Enclosed Photo Booth!

  • Photobot plus light-up enclosed event photo booth
  • Unlimited prints
  • Customized photostrips
  • Event-themed props
  • Scrapbook package
  • Customized Snapchat filter
  • Digital copies and social media uploads
  • Full-time operator
  • Extra add-ons available
  • Three hours included, then $50/hour

It’s Not Your Average Photo Booth!

The Photobot Booth instantly adds more fun and more memories to any event. The sleek enclosed photo booth is perfect for both high-energy parties and corporate events, and the Photobot is easy to use and sure to be a hit. The more fun your photo booth is to use, the more your guests will jump in! We designed the Photobot to be part of the party, and our full-time operator will make sure that’s the case. You won’t have to stop the celebration due to technical issues or questions, and you can focus on being an awesome host and having a great time!

Try the Ultra-Versatile Open Air Photobot

The Photobot Booth isn’t your only option for making memories at your event or celebration. If you want a totally flexible experience that can work for indoor and outdoor parties of any size, check out our Open Air Photobot! It’s the same Photobot you love, minus the booth. If you want a simpler setup or aren’t in need of the benefits of the event photo booth, book an Open Air Photobot for your next celebration!

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